20M High Mast Light


High Mast Light

High Mast Street light normally refers to illuminating device composed of steel conical pole (over 18m) and combined brackets of high power lamps. Components include lamp housing, internal lamps and other electric device, light pole and foundation. High Mast Street light is widely applied at squares, air ports, parking lots, ports, highway and etc. Light source is usually sodium flood lamp or LED flood lamp. Pole is usually jointed by 2~3 sections of steel cone-shaped pipe.


Height From 18 m to 50m
Lighting Source400 W- 5000 W high pressure sodium flood light, light extension :up to 30 000 m2
Lamp bracketVarious options of design , material with hot dip galvanization steel frame
Pole ShapeRound, Multi-pyramidal, Column form, polygonal or conical
Pole Thickness 10 mm to 20 mm 
Pole Material

Q345B/A572,minimum yield strength>=345n/mm2

Q235B/A36,minimum yield strength>=235n/mm2

Torrance of dimension+- 2% 
Lifting system 

Lifter fixed inside  the pole with lifting speed of 3~5 meter per minute 

Equipped with ant ferromagnetism brake and break –proof device, manual operation is available during power outrage   

Electric appliance control device

Electric appliance box to be the hold of the pole ,lifting operation could be 5 

meter away from the pole through wire .Time control and light control could be 

equipped to realize full-load lighting mode and part lighting mode

Pole Surface treatment Hot dip galvanized conforming to ASTM A 123, color polyester powder coating
Joint of Poles Insert mode, inner flange mode, and face to face joint mode
Earthquake ResistanceAgainst 8-magnitude earthquake 
Wind Speed Resistance80 Km/Hour 
ApplicationAirport high mast lighting, seaport high mast lighting, plaza high mast lighting, stadium high mast lighting, square high mast lighting, highway station high mast lighting, street way high mast lighting and etc

High Mast Lighting Pole Details 

1.high mast lighting.jpg

Lifting system

Latch barrel with inner mounting bracket locker is mounted to the underside of the pulley assembly at the top of mast. Furthermore, all steel cables are not exposed in the air, which realizes more effective protection.

Latching mechanism latched on steering arms is able to relieve strain on steel cables during working condition. The process of latching on and off is stable and non-vibrating. 

The bumper is designed on the illuminant mounting bracket to avoid direct damage between mast-top assembly and the illuminant mounting bracket.

The leveling device for illuminant support bracket is easy to operate and convenient to adjust level.

Special designed red indicator is with obvious visual effects to reflect real-time situation of latching operation.

Other models can be customized according to clients' requirements. 

 Our projects:

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